Energy Managment

For people who want to tackle energy and money waste

HVAC energy reduction as a new challenge for your business

As a manager, you have little control over the price of energy, even in the context of a liberalized market. However, you can act on the energy efficiency of your buildings and thus controlling the energy consumption. In the tertiary sector, it is generally considered that a potential saving of 25% of consumption is yet to be achieved through measures at zero cost or investment with short payback times (often less than 2 years). More than ever, energy has become a serious uncertain factor. Whether for reason of cost, competitiveness,  or environmental protection, it has become logical and also makes good economic business sense to control your energy consumption. Being wasteful with high energy consumption impacts the efficiency of your business and ultimately your profitability.

Our energy  saving solution

Together we can design an optimum Operation & Maintenance solution, offer energy saving advice and strategies specific to your individual business needs, helping you to reduce your energy consumption up to 25% and carbon footprint.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

This old adage is truer than ever when it comes to energy consumption.

We measure and analyze energy consumption by setting up a reliable energy accounting method well known by professionals of energy management.

Your organization can benefit in many ways.

  • By considerably lowering your cost of operation & maintenance.
  • By cutting the number of service calls.
  • By cutting your energy bills up to 25%  at often no cost.
  • By increasing life expectancy of your equipment and building.
  • By increasing, comfort, health, and safety of your staff/customer.
  • By reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Enabling you to demonstrate corporate responsibility and meet sustainable goals.