Your HVAC system bears the brunt of the cold weather and runs almost continuously during a cold snap. It’s no wonder that it seems to break down or quit after working so hard. It’s important to properly maintain your HVAC system so that it is in good condition during the cold weather. Here are ZAZAC Building Energy Efficiency Inc’s top 5 tips to help your HVAC run smoothly during a cold snap.

Change the Filter to Help Your HVAC Run Smoothly

Change the filter regularly. We can’t stress that enough. A dirty furnace filter will prevent air from being able to pass through your filter. Your furnace needs help to keep your house warm during a cold snap. It’s important to have a clean furnace installed so that air can flow properly during a cold snap and not add to the stress that your furnace is already under.

Don’t Set Back Your Thermostat

We suggest not setting back your thermostat when it’s extremely cold outside as it will put a great deal of strain on your furnace to get your house back to its regular temperature. It’s a good idea to keep your furnace set at a consistent setting during a cold snap.

Keep the Vents Clear

Many high-efficiency furnaces have vents that lead to the exterior of your home. These vents tend to be close to ground level. This makes them vulnerable to becoming clogged with snow, ice, and other debris such as leaves. Check these vents regularly to ensure that they don’t get clogged. A clog in the vent may cause performance issues.

Have Someone Check Your Home When You’re Away

If you’re lucky enough to go on vacation somewhere warm during the winter, ask someone to check your home while you’re away. Ask a friend or neighbour to check to make sure that your HVAC system is still running and performing well. You don’t want to come home to a broken furnace and burst pipes.

Have Your HVAC System Inspected

At ZAZAC Building Energy Efficiency Inc we believe that many issues can be prevented with proper maintenance. We suggest having your HVAC system regularly inspected. Our experts can ensure that it’s in great shape before the cold weather begins.

Call Today to Help Your HVAC Run Smoothly

ZAZAC Building Energy Efficiency Inc can help you with your HVAC needs. We will inspect the system and will make it run smoothly. We specialize in energy efficiency and will help you to lower your energy bills. Call today to set up an appointment. ZAZAC Building Energy Efficiency has the HVAC Calgary loves!